I have been utilizing my Samsung Galaxy S2 as a GPS and it is really unreliable. Are dedicated GPS any better?

Hey fellas, I’m in the United kingdom and I am a new driver. Been employing my phone as a GPS for travelling all around to numerous places. Starting off to drop religion in it and puzzled if a dedicated device functions better? They feel too based mostly of what I have found when my friends use it. Final time I definitely seemed at a GPS was authentic TomTom days, pre-intelligent telephones. So I envision focused GPSs nowadays could blow me absent in comparison? I assume presently I am just utilizing Google Maps.

Execs of cell phone:

– It is normally on my person

– Effortless to update

– Is hooked up to my stereo to manage calls/texts by way of speech recognition (Never use it considerably though)

Negatives of cell phone:

– Usually won’t be able to discover my locale and/or desired destination, GPS just fails to pinpoint anything at all.

– Battery drains in 1-2 hours of use, even with USB plugged in to stereo. So worthless on prolonged drives, specially if I am heading there and back in a day with no charging inbetween!

– If plugged in, cable is in the way of equipment box or steering relying on where it is really mounted.

– Often begins to reduce my site as I am driving

– Often is about 5-10 seconds behind, producing scaled-down locations extremely difficult to follow as I make a switch and have no plan the place I am going till it catches up.

– Very low battery warning/other significant alerts appear ON Top of the map, that means I have to hazard working with it while driving, or stopping someplace to type it.

– Inadequately relayed information. Often says “Appropriate at the roundabout” but the true path exhibits it going still left. Heading still left is the turn I make and it expects, so no notion why it exhibits a suitable convert on the UI.

– Ton of wasted display screen place, as most of it is just a greyed out map.

Do all GPS go through from these issues or will acquiring a devoted device aid me out?

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2 responses to “I have been utilizing my Samsung Galaxy S2 as a GPS and it is really unreliable. Are dedicated GPS any better?”

  1. [deleted] says:

    I think a lot of the issue really comes down the S2 being an old phone. Its chipset doesn’t support the Russian GLONASS satellite system like every phone has Galaxy S3 and up, and with GLONASS support you double the amount of satellites your reciever can pick up so accuracy and lock time drastically improve. The phone also doesn’t have the great battery life and optimization of newer devices, or the features that support better handling of alerts while driving.

    Instead of dropping money on a new standalone unit, I’d honestly say you should consider upgrading your phone. That will eliminate practically all your cons while still keeping the pros. It doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest either; a Galaxy S4 for example would do just fine. As for the cord issue, you might also want to get a different mount or change placement, and that will help keep the cord from tangling your gears while charging.

  2. kickstand says:

    Try plugging the phone into a USB charger in the cigarette lighter, maybe?

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